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Alone, But Never Lonely

February 10, 2011
By ARW114 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
ARW114 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
If you are going through hell, keep going.
- Winston Churchill

The thought of being alone
On this of all days
Is never a good thought
It’s filled with worries of how others will see a single person
Or filled with envy as couples exchange kisses
Or hold hands in the park
But sometimes it’s quite nice
Being Alone

With time the aspect of being alone isn’t so bad
People often think they can’t do what they want to do
Simply because they are not used to the aspect of
Being Alone

There are many activities one can do
When alone
They can go to the popular places
Like the coffee shop
Where they can slowly flip through the paper or a good book
And casually sip their white- mocha frappachino crème based coffees in peace
Because they are enjoying their quiet time
That they can only have when
Being Alone

Or maybe the not so popular places
Like the library
You’re not supposed to talk
Just simply browse through and smell the books
So it’s safe
And no one judges the silent reader in the corner
Keeping to themselves
Because most likely they are there for the same reason
They are trying to fill the void that comes with
Being Alone

When someone is alone
Truly alone
They have a higher chance of meeting a stranger
And engaging themselves in friendly conversation
One that is filled with new topics that would never normally be spoken of
Because they have never really had the chance to be alone
They’ve never seen the light that comes with
Being Alone

And even though there is so many things people could be doing alone
They are all afraid of being alone
They are afraid of feeling unwanted
If after awhile no one has decided to date them
And they never see the freedom that comes with
Being alone

They never see how much closer a person can be with their inner thoughts
Or how scars can be healed by avoiding the thoughts of others
And instead be soaked in the uninfluenced life of being alone
Or how someone can simply love himself or herself
And all those thought embedded in new preschool minds of how special you are
Don’t seem so childish anymore
People are people and born as one person
Even the Siamese have their own minds
Their own inner thoughts
Their own lives that they to can build up
On their own

If everyone were to stop
Stop right now
And take a step away from the crowds filled with others that not alone
And truly be alone
Life could have more meaning
A skill that needs perfecting
Can be perfected
And if something has never been done, and people are afraid of how silly they may look doing it
It can be done
Because now that they are alone
They are unjudged
And can be who they want to be
Being Alone

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