Another Game Day

January 27, 2011
By ktk10 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
ktk10 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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A hot summer day in Denmark
we have all been away from our families
and we will be for a while, but
our excitement grows when we learn about making it to the championships.

As we walk on to the field
you can feel the nerves.
we walk on the field
sweating from fear
and enter a world of roaring cheers.
All we see is a bigger, faster stronger team.

The nerves we once felt is now adrenaline
rushing through our bodies.
The fear dripping down our bodies is now
determination fueling our souls.
The huge intimidating team we once saw
is just another opponent wanting to have a brawl.

When the whistle blows the crowd grew
louder, louder and louder
they chant, they sing and they hope for a goal

Our team cannot score,
the game is over,
the adrenaline is gone.
Our determination turns to tears
as we stand there on the podium
holding a wimpy silver prize.
We sob, we cry and regret every mistake,
but we all know its over now

We walk to the locker room
speechless, tear-eyed and enraged.
The coaches rant and rave and tell us we could of done better,
but we all keep our heads up
because in our hand is a shiny silver cup.

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