Let Me Help You

February 10, 2011
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When you're feeling down,I'll pick you up
When others isolate you,I'll be right there with you
When you feel worthless I'll make you feel worth a million
When you're sick I'll take care of you
When you're sad I'll make you laugh
When you are worried,I'll make you forget you're worries
When you're bored I'll have fun with you
When others doubt you,I'll always believe in you
When you feel like you're alone,I'll be beside you
When you're crying,I'll wipe your tears away
When you're mad I'll make you happy
When you go through rough times,I'll be the one making em better
When you're unsure,I'll reassure you
When you're cold I'll warm you
When you're stuck,I'll pull you out
When you fall I'll help you up
When you embarrass yourself I'll cover for you
When you're in danger I'll protect you
When you climb a mountain I'll climb it with you
When you're feeling down...I'll lift you up.
Why...Because that is what I am here for and you'll never need anyone else but me.But when I let you down,I'll say sorry and admit I'm wrong.

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