February 9, 2011
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The pavement pressed lightly below my feet. The warmth of the suns rays taking away any worries. The wind cool, blowing away all my troubles of the day. Upon the horizon, the clouds settle down as the sun begins to rise, pulling away any darkness below the clouds against my back. Above the sun shines, but the stars are still visible. A very perplexing scenario. Take in hand the courage to climb the ladder, take in hand the star shining brighter than the sun above. The air becomes thinner as I rise, but without challenge comes defeat. Each breath becoming harder, each step becoming heavier, each star becoming brighter. Lumbering above the clouds, the ladder become weaker, the weight of my thoughts push down on its being. Swaying back and forth, unable to control its movement, I become frightened, climbing higher would only make the impact harder. I may clamber my way downward or continue on this journey upward. The choice is up to me and me only.

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LilithLovely said...
Apr. 19, 2011 at 2:42 pm
I wish I could fly, but I'm scared of heights. Also I have phobia of ladders. The poem is great, though.
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