February 16, 2011
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And in the midst of this bright, moon-lit night...darkness shall fall
The canines howl for their fallen mistress, attempting to call back the moon
Before it is gone
And as all goes quiet, the bright spot in the sky vanishes, and new stars are within sight, free of the moon's shine
A red shadow remains with that final sliver of light before the moon is overshadowed by the earth
A shooting star passes by, hoping to catch it's own bit of attention while all focus is on the moon
The moon clings to that final point of light, holding it's power to light the earth and the rest of the moon
The final moments reanimate the features of this spherical satellite in a deep orange glow
In the end, darkness falls
And the moon becomes a faint orange glow in the sky
A memorial to what it was
Waiting to return

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