January 27, 2011
Did you ever notice
When dawn turns to dusk again
There aren't any shadows

All you see is darkness but there's no shadow nothing left to be proud of

Wishing wanting yours for the taking

Nothing beautiful to mar the return of

You see the light return again
Seems impenetrable but then there's the shadow
Only exiting with the reentrance of night

Have you ever felt
The fall from grace
The ground ripped out from under you and cast away the depths of despair and there's nothing left that can save you now because where there's no hope there's no escape
Have you ever felt

Have you ever felt are you with me now
Reach out and take my arm now
Trust yourself because it's all there in your mind you can see everything all there ever was and yes your going insane but thats okay because I am too

I am too
And maybe
Just maybe
It's the only life worth living

So tell me
Do you see what I see
Do you see the shadows

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