Days of Softball

February 14, 2011
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My favorite thing in the world, the one thing that I feel I could do every minute of every day is:

Take in the aroma
Of fresh cut grass
Hot dogs grilling
Leather gloves
Suntan lotion
Sweaty helmets

Taste the pallet
Of sweat as it runs down my face
Salty sunflower seeds
Gatorades refreshing taste
My rubbery mouth guard

Hear the sound
Of the pitchers glove as it’s slapped against her thigh
The crack of the bat as it comes in contact with the ball
Millions of cheers teams chant (dig it out; swing hard!)
The huff and puff of players as they run
Outs called by blue

Feel the Sense
Of impact of the ball has as it pops in your glove
The sun beating down on your back
Your weight dropping underneath you as you slide into home
And the glorious moment when you know you’ve won

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