February 14, 2011
As I stare at the water,
And ponder what has been,
And question what is yet to be,
Thoughts flood my mind,
Ideas and discoveries that were rippling just below the surface.
I think of the tide of emotions
That threatens to drown me
In a sea of never-ending sorrow and pain.
I muse about my problems,
Some as trivial and shallow as a river,
Some as heart-wrenching and deep as an ocean.
As I search for answers,
My mind becomes as clear as a lake,
No longer the turbulent and raging ocean it once was.
And all of a sudden,
The tears cascade down my cheeks and pool at my feet,
And the mist lifts before my eyes.
I finally realize that the ocean between us will always be there,
And no boat could ever cross it,
No matter the strength or determination.
As I look deep into the ocean,
I wade in and let it wash away
All that has been and may never be,
Letting the tide pull me to wherever and whenever,
So long as it helps me forget…

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