29th Avenue

February 14, 2011
I make my self who I am,
I am different I am weird, proud,
with a good amount of humbleness.
Respectful but some can't see.
I make myself who I am but others make my image.
Distorted is fine with me
but understanding is key,
a bat crushes me when those who make my image don't see.
May we all have a broad spectrum
and judge only when we know.
You see my exterior,
as I see the jumbled mess inside. You don't see.
Quick to judge, building a rock heart,
is not the key.
With love and understanding may you see.
I am dumb, I am crazy.
There are those that I miss and a few I would like to dismiss.
I am me different, weird, proud,
respectful, humble, dumb, and crazy.
I don't hate, and carry a load of remorse.
Your words won't change me.
I am who I ought to be in my sight.
Mistakes come and they go,
as big as they start they can end up as small as you or I,
in the spectrum of life.
I am me, and you are you.
If you don't see, don't say.
With great love, compassion and understanding,
you will see, brother you will see.

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