Photographs of Summer

February 14, 2011
By Zombies.vs.Robots GOLD, Lambertville, Michigan
Zombies.vs.Robots GOLD, Lambertville, Michigan
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I can tell it's summer
By the fluid way
My shadow's sinewy arms wrap
around corners and cling
To the streetlights

How his languid form melts
and stretches
Throughout the day until
Nightfall and his
Form begins to fade away

In this summer heat
His emphatic eyes are the last
To go and return to shade
As my little shadow friend
Goes with the summer sun

I pause as I walk
Beneath a streetlamp illuminated
Mosquitoes buzzing in sync
And look at my bare feet
Where my shadow waves up at me

Home is beckoning with
Air conditioning and late-night shows
But he looks up at me in faith
And with a sigh, I sit down to wait
For the summer sun to rise

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