Lost in the Eyes Closed

February 20, 2011
When you look into those sobbing eyes what do you see?
The loss of a loved one who had a loving family and caring friends?
Or a person who’s family member that was to go soon, left with in just hours of their last year?
What so you think?
What do you say?
Have you had a loss as big as mine?
Who was that loss?
Did that loved one mean as much to you as my grandpa did to me?
What happened after?
Do you think they left for a good reason?
Was that loved one a smart, rolmodeling, fixer upper?
Was he or she important to you, your family, their friends who all have a broken heart now?
Do you know why they left or how much pain someone who had Shingles, Blood Clots in the leg and 10 heart attacks last year, was in?
What to do now?
What to know how?
Those sobbing eyes are finally drying up, only to see something that brings back old memories
Can you understand this?
Will you understand this ?
It’s a loss that goes away sometimes but come right back

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