you dont see who i am

February 8, 2011
By , holyoke, MA
you may see the young lady past the brown eyes and dark brown hair but you may not see the bruises underneath the bright color clothes and cute smile i wear. you may think i am another conceded chick trying to break your heart but you wont see how I've been hurt in my past by my step father and the lies he feed to my mother i still am the fragile young high school student trying to become a nurses aid and a poet not to mention that somebody people love and care about, even i had to learn the hard way through stress ,emotion ,and loss. Though i may not know you i will hold out a helping hand though people may not have time for you i will sit and listen to your story just as you have heard mine. That isn't my whole story in 2/20 this year i will be having a birthday.

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