my prayer

February 8, 2011
By Anonymous

The years pass and nothing changed the power the father has over me is ripping me and the family apart. i no longer am part of the family he has all he ever wanted but yet i cant have the love and warmth of a father ,a family. he rips away at the pain enjoying every tear i drop the hurt goes away temporarily as i cut out words on my skin i rather sleep in the bathroom crying then share a room with him and my brother. The more i bite my tongue trying not to let out the words i hang away on the brink of reality staring it in the face trying to run away from it is unbearable i pray yet i still have the nightmares. Where are you God in these moments where are you in my prayers where are your footsteps as i walk alone through the sand. I call for your assistance in my life i ask you to be reborn. Amen

The author's comments:
I like to write.

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