Silver Lullaby

February 14, 2011
I cannot see-
Describe the color blue to me.

Just another impossibility-
Like unraveling my head.

Look into me, stranger.
Uncover this bitter reality.

I'll reveal to you this secret-
What's silently brewing inside.

The blade sings sweet lullabies in my ear.
Softly it sings,
Serenading the deepest corners of my longing,
Promising a resolution.

A candle with no handle
Lights the way.
But oh, how it burns-
Tearing your flesh to mend your mind.

I'm just a silhouette.
Nothing on the inside but this tangled web I'm weaving.
I'm existing to be bleeding,
Just to know that I'm alive.

Surviving overwhelms me.
But when the blade begins to sing,
It lifts me briefly.
And I rise-
Head above the water.

If such a thing controls me,
Where does my hope lie?
Where can I seek refuge?

My mind does not belong here.
I do not harmonize with this world.
I am not a piece of the puzzle.

Dim the lights.
Silence infiltrates.
The darkness returns.

I am fading...

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