They wonder why

February 14, 2011
By Deadpool BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Deadpool BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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People wonder why I'm so depressed, yet I tell them all the time, they never listen, well at least my family didn't, when i need them most, they only make me feel worst, that's why I feel better if I dont't have my parents.
My mom never tried 2 get me back from child protecter service, she never stopped drinking, she never tried to better herself, all she wanted to do is feel sorry for herself, she left me hanging, thats not what a mother's suppost to do.
I was adopted, and I still only felt bad about what happens, soon I got depressed, and no one that seen me the most ever noticed, all they did was make me want to kill myself even more, I wanted to several times, but i sucked it in, after a while, it became painless, like as if it was only the wind that was hitting me, there's only a few people that can hurt me now, and they really hit me hard when they do, now all I can do is sit and be alone like I'll always be.

The author's comments:
This is only a part of what makes me act crazy so i won't go crazy.

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