Red Tears

February 14, 2011
By Trixy BRONZE, Felton, California
Trixy BRONZE, Felton, California
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To say I love you,
To say once more,
That face you gave me
When they carried you out the door.

They took you to the hospital
And said your life was no more
But you tolled them NO!
And stormed out forlorn.

You sat there, alone,
Red tears pored,
I tried to hug you
But the pain pierced you to the core.

For I could not touch you
Cause your body was at war
I.T.P. they said
And you were done for.

So you watch the sunset
And the sunrise
To show them up
You Survived!

So now life is fine and
I say I Love You Daddy all the time!

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