Dreamers of an Imperfect World

February 14, 2011
By strongchurch BRONZE, Silver Silver, Maryland
strongchurch BRONZE, Silver Silver, Maryland
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We all dream of a perfect world , a place where we could all reside and feel free and strong .We all do things and say things and even create a different person than our selves just so we might be looked high upon by others, so that we might see our selves like majesties even though we are servants. We live in an imperfect world where society constantly desires perfection, so much that our senses of right and wrong can not differentiate themselves. How a young girls looks at her self in the mirror and feels insecure just because another girl took pictures, edited them and put them in the front poster of a magazine; and that pictures deceives others and destroys their virtue and self esteem making those of us the less prettier ones fold and hide in our shells. We all want to be beautiful, always want to make God seem like a bad sculptor; so much we go to the extent of cutting ourselves and try to perfect a being that is already perfect. We all want to be rich and famous, we all want to be free and be able to love and not be restricted by the judgment of society, a world that uses the holy book to criticize us but yet goes against the same rule written in the book. We all want to be able to marry who so ever we want whether they being same like us or not, a government that controls our love life, a replica of George Orwell’s 1984. We all want to live in a world free of violence and crime but yet we want to be able to bear arms and our governments compete in nuclear weapons like children competing in a toy competition. We all dream to one day conquer poverty but our hands are tied and hearts filled with greed. We all dream of a non corrupt government in our countries but yet corruption at some pivotal moment helped us. We all dream of freedom but yet it is something we already have and is in our own hands to acquire it. We all dream of the truth but don’t want to hear it; the truth is we are………….

The author's comments:
The efforts we put in getting perfect but yet do not want to hear the truth of it and ignorance of our choices.

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