The Riderless Quadrille

February 14, 2011
By Dogwoods SILVER, Dyersburg, Tennessee
Dogwoods SILVER, Dyersburg, Tennessee
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Banners crack and flap in conflicting winds,
Easy, steady there my friends,
Music blares and speakers pop,
Whoa up, younglings, it’ll stop.
Children shout and run and scream,
It’s not as bad as it may seem,
I know it’s loud and strange to you,
But trust me, you know what to do.
Ignore it all, listen to me,
Stop and bow on bended knee,
Two steps backward, one step right,
Don’t worry ‘bout that bright spotlight,
Pivot left and pirouette,
You know they ain’t seen nothin’ yet,
Arch your necks and flag your tails,
Float along the long side rails,
Double back and southward spin,
It’s the people you need to win,
Hear the silence, hold all eyes,
Big leap forward, turn sun-wise,
Form the ring, nose to flank,
Trot, lope, but don’t break rank,
Hold steady boys, you’re almost there,
Turn out, rear, and paw the air,
Black to white and bay to dun,
Pair off and with your partner run,
Chestnut to grey, blue roan to red,
Lift up your feet and your head,
Show you need no riders to excel,
Dance your hearts out ‘till the bell,
Now take your bows to judges and crowd,
Well done, my lads, you’ve made me proud.

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