February 14, 2011
Open the bottle cap,
A cappella of hums
rejoice in dance,
their muted hellos,
our hushed little secrets,
Don’t worry, they say,
we won’t spill your soul.

Is it static I’m hearing?
Or is it bliss,
Or is it only poison
covered by a kiss?
Soda pop, darling,
you fizz so vivaciously
like our love once loved assiduously,
those sparks bounce on my tongue,
in coalescence,
then die away,
like expired friendships tossed astray.

Screw on the bottle cap,
Leave it a day.
Second time I open the bottle,
song now a whisper.
Why so scared?
Question met by quiescence and
Still solemn goodbyes.
Times after that,
Only silence.

But I’m still listening.

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