Those Monsters, Like You

February 9, 2011
When you look at the world
What do you see?

Tell us, tell me
Because I don’t understand

When you look at the world,
Do you see a hopeless disaster?

Or do you see those glimmers of hope?
Those silent miracles

I don’t know what you see
I don’t know what you thought

But that day, that moment
The whole world knew what you did

Your bullets piercing living, breathing human beings
18 wounded, 6 died

Do you see that as a feather in your cap?
Or blood on your hands?

Do you see what I see?
Do you look in the mirror and see the monster the world has come to know?

No one will know why
Why you did this

But I know this, the boogeyman, he’s real
The monster in my closet, real

They are the images, nightmares, the pain
Of those monsters, like you

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