February 9, 2011
Once again I find myself in this place,
Wondering why I stand here,
Why don't I just move one,
Just walk away
Just turn my back.
The pain so strong, your words,
They are like a double edged sword,
Thew sword that slices through my heart.
Though double edged, it is as contradicting as you.
Dull as you, the type of dull that hurts so much worse.
Just when I think the pain is over
You drag the metal out and force the metal back.
Leave, I would but I hope,
I pray one day<
Baby one day I'll have my own sword,
My own weapon, and you,
Yes, you, will have the scars and tears, that prove it.
Maybe it's sick,
Or maybe it's love
Baby we'll never know.

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