Best Friend, You're Not Alone

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

That thought
I never considered
Never crossed my mind
I would have to convince you

All I remember is crying
Tears upon tears
The pain piling up at the thought

I knew something had happened
You said there was a fight
You ran away

The mom that doesn’t seem to care
The stepdad who doesn’t even see you
Never acknowledges you
Your real dad who never comes around

Your friends, my old friends
Who abandoned you
Talked about you
Like they were any better

And you told me
You told me
You tried to take your life

I couldn’t breathe
I remember
Nothing ever seemed so important
In that moment
As convincing you how much I needed you

My best friend

Why wasn’t I there for you before?
Why did you think there was no one?
You were alone
Was I scared of this all along

I should have known
Should have told you everything was going to be okay
But no one told you that

And you believed it wasn’t okay
That’s why I’m not letting you get to that point again

That thought will never cross your mind
Because as much as you say
You need me
Your best friend
It’s exactly the other way around for me

I’m not gonna leave you like they did
Talk about you
Scared of someone who’s different
Someone who’s changed from the middle school friend they once knew

They were scared to help you
I was too
But I can’t give up like they did

Because best friends stand by each other
Even when all I can say is
You’re not alone

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