Pain that I miss you

February 9, 2011
By Sapphire_wing BRONZE, Fukuoka, Other
Sapphire_wing BRONZE, Fukuoka, Other
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In my heart tears drop slowly. Little by little. This is how I do it.
Not showing any one of my tears even in public.
Well that's what I thought about when it comes to the end of the life.
The person who I love is in front of me.
I would be happy to see that person.
See its eyes full of life.
Hear its voice full of joy.
The body language showing me full of love.
Love to other people that person cares. Not only me.
Hear the laughing when it watches funny shows.
Goes crazy making me laugh when that person eats red HOT chilly pepper.
That goes breathing out fire from its mouth.
The time to talk to bond.
The feeling
when saying good bye
That something is wrong.
Next meet, I see you lay there.
Never to be woken up and to meet me
Or the others who you love.
You were a great grandfather
Great father
Great brother
Great son
Great person with a life that taught
me variety of lessons
Of what life is
and when it ends
How precious times are with you
Showing me I can let my emotion go out
Telling me I am not
When it
Comes to the end of life

The author's comments:
This is about some one who I lost recently. I didn't mean to post it, but kept it private. Although this is a pain I have seen a lot of times in my life, yet this is the first pain I felt when that person left. I miss that person badly and I poured my heart into it. Even though I have broken lots of rules of poetry to write. I hope this relate to people who have lost their love ones.

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