Remember Me

February 9, 2011
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Do you remember me?
We haven’t met in a good while
Not since you were a child
We were wide-eyed and innocent
Didn’t know
What things meant
Didn’t care; only dreamed
Of doing great things.
Despite what you think,
You didn’t do great things.

Do you remember me?
I do.
I am, unfortunately, you.
Maybe you don’t.
Or won’t.
But those people, those places
They do.
Do you remember them?
They needed you.
Where were you?
Did you forget?
Do you at least regret
The things you said, what went wrong?
I guess it doesn’t matter.
They’re all gone.

You’re gone.
You’ve been gone a while.
Where’d you go?
You’ve ceased to exist
I guess it doesn’t matter.
You are certainly not missed.

But I am.
I hope you remember me.
Please remember me.
You need me.
You still are me—
Somewhere, deep inside
I hope.

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