Mixture of Emotions

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

Agony is what I feel
damages is what needs to be fixed
trauma is what has been caused
and sadness is what needs to be fault

I have the soft spot for Charlotte Russe.
I have proclivity for Aeropostle
but I lost fellow feelings for “You.”
Do I have goodwill towards you “No!!”

I despise your laugh
I dislike your humor
I find your smacking intolerable.
I abhorrence your attitude
and I refuse,refuse to show you gratitude.

I’m Happy the most when I’m alone
I cry the least when I’m in my own zone.
I shout the loudest when I’m confident
and I care wayy less when I lose a friend.

But this goes to show whether it
rains,hails or snow
I know when to gloat and showboat about my problems
but I rather just leave it alone
because when it comes down
I will always have a SMILE!!
(= (-:

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