February 8, 2011
I Have My Reasons For Everything,
You Have Your Reasons Too.
I Just More Reasons Than You Do.
I Hate That I Did It To You,
I Didn’t Mean Too.
I Hope That One Day You’ll Forgive Me.
And, We’ll Be Together Again One Day,

I Hope You NEVER Do What You Did Again.
But Like I Said You Have Your Reasons Too.
Your Reasons Are Different Than Mine,
I See That,
You Had A Choice.
I Didn’t.
I Did What I Did,
I Was Made Too.
You Weren’t.
I Hope One Day We’ll Put This In The Past.
And, Forget About It..
For Now…
I’m Sorry,
I Just Can’t Do This Again.
I Hope You Understand.
You Have Your Reasons,
I Have Mine.
Only Mine Can Be Forgiven Easily Though,
Yours Will Be Harder.
I Do Forgive You What You Have Done.
I Have Forgiven You For The Past.
Because It’s The Past,
And Nothing Can Be Changed.
It Is What We Do In The Future That Is What We Have To Try.

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