This Is Who I Am

February 16, 2011
By Austin Cole BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Austin Cole BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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i am from yea mon im jamaican rasta boy on the block
i am from b balling play calling tell everyone to hoop today street balling
i am from walking 20 blocks cause my school is right up the street
i am from nothing comes easy unless you work at it
i am from food fight stay up all night then sleep all day
i am from cleaning my room everyday so i don’t have to here my aunties mouth
i am from being so chill that no matter what you do im still layin back
i am from laying in my bed listening to slow jams wondering if shes listening to the same song and thinking the same things that i am
i am from caring so much that it seems like i don’t really care at all
i am from the only person that will smile at a stupid joke just so the other person wont feel stupid
i am from acting so nice everyone around me cant help but feel the same way
i am from writing down all my thought on paper cause i cant tell you how i feel in person
i am from the city of roses to kids calling it p-town, even though Portland is
a city but being so confused cause i heard p-town more
i am from bike riding , bus riding, max commuting, make the earth a better place kinda lifestyle
i am from wearing vans, hoop shorts and a duffel bag call it defaults swagg
i am from a network of people who went from school to school making sure they were known to be the best hooper and grinder, stay dipped hit licks and have a good time
i am from doing only what i want when i want, but really i do it cause others want me to
i am from staying on the down low so when gossip goes around it wont be able to find me
i am from living day to day, living for tomorrow and never for yesterday
i am me,the chill cool kid, come talk to me if you gotta problem or just wanna have a little chat, put a smile on just so you can smile for a while
i am the one person who can be better than i was yesterday.
i am Default.

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