The Real Me

February 16, 2011
You walk by me,
Never once stopping to ask if I would like some company,
Looking at me like I am nothing more that gum on the bottom of your shoe,
You see that my skin isn't tanned to a glow, and that my hair isn't the right hue,
You see that my teeth aren't pure white and that my nails aren't manicured everyday,
But what you don't see is the pain in my heart that makes me want to run away,
You don't see that I cry everynight because I can't take the pain anymore,
And you don't see the wave of lonliness that overcomes me as I walk through the school door,
But thats o.k. because I know in my heart who I am
So keep walking and don't pay any mind to what you see
because you will never get to see the real me.

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