The Crushing Covets and Cravings of the Heart

February 16, 2011
That itch
That burning deep inside you
Like a hot iron burrowed deep inside your soul
You will it to disappear
Grasping and pulling at your hair
Hoping the pain will help you forget
This urge
This desire
This festering need rotting within you
You sweat
Beads drip down your forehead
You begin to pant
A crazed look shrouds your eyes
Your ears are filled with the sound
That sound
That horrible noise
Pounding in your head
Like a hammer against cloth
Ba dump, Ba dump, Ba dump
You squeeze your eyes shut tight
You order it to stop
The beating to end
To be forever silenced
Still it gets louder
You curl inside yourself
Scratching at your face
The blood mixes with sweat
Seeping and sliding down your face
This irritation becomes unbearable
You loose control
You relent a scream
Muffled it released some tension
You scream louder
Hoping to drown out that noise
That dreadful roar
Your lungs ache
The burning
The intensity of it all
You lash out your legs
Your arms flail
Needing something to stop this misery
Your screams don't bury the noise
It escalates
Ba dump, Ba dump, Ba dump
Careening against you
You tear at your chest
Scrape it away
Blood pours as you burrow within yourself
Ba dump, Ba dump, Ba dump
And louder still
Driving you to complete insanity
You dig faster
Harder and deeper
Louder and quicker
Only increasing this boiling need inside you
Shooting pain
You can feel it on your finger tips now
Pupmping against them like a drum
You shudder
Trembling within yourself
So close
Oh so close
Close, but not close enough
You keep clawing
Not yet
Feverishly scratching away at your chest
The flesh concealing that noise
That noise
You must escape
The only way out
Ever louder
Ever faster
Harder you claw
You have it
The beating is in the open air
You lie in a pool of thick crimson success
You grasp it
The source of the noise
That abusive melody
Ba dump, Ba dump, Ba dump
You thrust it out of you
Willing that to be the end
You see the noise
Getting slower
But on your ears
In your head
Under your skin
Louder and faster
Still deep inside you
Things begin to shadow
Your drifting away
But that noise
Never stops
Never relents
But you can make it
Your sure of it
With all your might you invade its surface
Driving your fingers deep within its core
It pulses
Staining your fingers with the liquid noise
That noise
Everything goes dark
The lump in your hand grows still
But that sound
That nail on a chalk board
Poision in your ears
Agonizingly loud
Follows you down
Forever in hell
Ba dump, Ba dump, Ba dump

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skate4life43 said...
Mar. 6, 2011 at 3:06 pm
this is just amazing i really love this poem
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