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Ha Ha Ha

February 8, 2011
By ebartter BRONZE, Rochester, New York
ebartter BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Ha ha ha
I still hear it over and over
Ha ha ha
I said over and over
It wasn’t her
It wasn’t hear
Ha ha ha
What I hear over and over
As the bats crashed down upon my ribs
My legs
My arms
My back
Ha ha ha
Like gun shots
Ha ha ha
Boom boom boom
It hurts worse
Then the bat swings
Ha ha ha
She was laughing
At me being beaten
At my blood as it fell
As I spit it out
Ha ha ha
She was telling me that
The I love you’s
Didn’t matter
The times I poured
My heart out to her
Meant less then nothing
Ha ha ha
It’s what I hear everyday
The Ha Ha Ha’s

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