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February 8, 2011

Feel your kisses on my neck and my legs go numb,
You’re pumping through my veins at a sweet steady flow,
You made Drake’s words get to my body,
You make the goose bumps on my inner thigh show.
Your body on me, and I’m underneath,
Your hands intertwined with mine,
I love feeling your lips touch mine, and when they run up my body at a drastic climb.
My biggest fear is me escaping your mind,
So when you make it big don’t forget about me,
Don’t do like my past and leave me behind.
It’s a big world out there,
You’re going to see new faces all the time,
Who knows what you’ll come across, who you’ll find.
But don’t forget my blue eyes changing to green in your presence,
You’re God’s greatest gift,
Truly sent from the heavens.
Don’t slip away like water running through the cracks in my hand,
My nights would be lonely and I’d feel like I’m treading water without land.
Your voice whispering sweet words in my ear,
You seem so harmless and loving,
You’re words are engraved in my heart, including the ‘whispered sweet nothings.’

The author's comments:
This piece was written from the depths of my heart to someone who has made a beautiful difference in my life.

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