fly away

February 7, 2011
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I am from the land, sea, and sky
Where C141’s soar over my head (at a blink of an eye).
To crossing the Atlantic into a new world
From the time you came home with suitcases and bags savoring the smell of gunpowder.

I am from absent father’s days,
To a missing face in Christmas cards,
And blowing my nine candles out all by myself.
I’m from counting down the months till you come visit,
But break down when it’s only for a weekend.
And long for the envelopes labeled S.W.A.K.

I am from the camouflage is the fashion trend.
To purple hearts on our nations bravest,
I’m from “sir yes sir”.
And the echoing of boots marching left right left.

You will find me in the goodbyes and see you soon.
To the tears that drip down those hazel eyes,
When you no longer hear his boots stomp.
Or the clear view of that green uniform,
I am the voice of nightly prayers to god.
the tossing and turning of sleepless nights.
Thinking the what if’s

I am from the tears of gratitude.
The eye locking on that uniform,
And the ringing of his footsteps,
I am those moments—
That were never seen
The creamy chocolate cake never eaten,
But I am from the oversize plane of love,
That just keeps flying .

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