If I was too...

February 7, 2011
If I wished you happiness and joy,
You would still kick me down
Pushing me from you.
Telling me how much you
Can’t stand me.

If I smiled all my smiles,
You would still tell me how
Ugly I looked.
Telling me how much my smiles
Disgust you.

If I was to hurt all the people,
That want to hurt you.
You would still tell me
That you didn’t need my help.
Telling me how overbearing I am.

If I pray for you as long as I want,
You would still tell me how
God doesn’t love me.
Telling me how I’m weird and

If I was to give you all my love,
You would still tell me how
Much you hate me.
Telling me how you hate
My face and thighs.

I will give you my love.
I will pray for you.
I will hurt all those people.
I will smile my smiles.
I will wish you happiness and joy

And you will tell me all those hurtful
Things but I still love you with
All my heart.

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