~Friendship Or Love~

February 7, 2011
I think that you should know the truth
About how deeply I feel for you
I think it’s time I let you know
How hard it is to watch you go
I can’t hide this any longer
All this waiting has made me stronger
But then I see you looking at me
And I’m back in that place where I don’t want to be
The place where my fear controls what I do
And keeps me from opening up to you
I try to rid myself of doubt
My mouth opens, but nothing comes out
You smile at me, then walk away
I just tell myself tomorrow’s a new day
But tomorrow turns into three days ago
And still I haven’t let you know
I’m a coward, I know it’s true
Why am I so scared of you?
I should trust you, you’re my best friend
But if I tell you my feelings, that could end
I’m so confused, now that push has come to shove
So what’s more important: friendship or love?

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