Last Night

February 7, 2011
Last night,
I dreamt of you,
We were on the phone,
Talking like we used to,
Before our unspoken goodbyes,

Last night,
When you appeared in my unconscious mind,
You made me laugh,
Just like you used to,
And I woke up,
Looked around,
And cried for you,

This isn't what I wanted,
I miss your voice, your smile,
Everything that made you, you,
And everything that made us, us,

How could we let go,
Of everything we had,
Of all the emotions we felt,
Of all the love we once shared,

And i still wonder,
Wonder if you think of me,
As often as I think of you,

Yes I've seen other boys,
But none ever added up to you,
They never came close,
You were so right,
And our goodbyes were just so wrong,

I miss how naturally you made me laugh,
I miss how strongly I felt for you,
I miss every essence of you,
Every essence of us,

Oh why,
You took the gift of you away from me,
Now you're breaking my heart,
And you don't even know it,

How could we let this happen to us,
We were so strong,
So unbreakable,
So unshakable,

And now we're anything but us,
And what we used to be.

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