He Plays With Time

February 14, 2011
By M.E.R.H BRONZE, Fairview, Texas
M.E.R.H BRONZE, Fairview, Texas
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The deafening voice of heart murdering words,
The feeling is crushing,
A poisonous surge.

The seconds go by, but millenniums it seems,
He plays with time,
And he nightmares my dreams.

The injection of fear through a needle that’s tampered,
Then the numbing sets in,
And my emotions just scamper.

The broken shards of my heart slice more with each beat,
Kill me already,
Pain’s too hard to defeat.

The burning is worse than fire and gasoline,
You arsonist, you killer,
I slipped through you’re hands like Vaseline.

The treachery sliced me, but what stings is betrayal,
How could you do this to me?
You broke a heart that was frail.

The moment you kissed all we had left goodbye,
You slapped all the faces,
Of the truths and the lies.

The day that you feel everything I do now,
I’ll be buried below,
I’d have taken my bow.

So hush all the voices of murdering words,
Take me back in time,
Let me fly with the birds…

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