Immigrants Daughter

February 13, 2011
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The tears are running in rivers
The cries are unbound
Our feelings are hurt
Our emotions are unstable
Mommy? Where are you?
When will daddy come home?
Children cry out to us
But we know our answers
aren't true
Mom's visiting Tia Rosa
Daddy's in Miami
The truth is across the borders in a different land
Families are torn
Children are torn from their country
What rights they had are taken and the benefits are gone
Many say the law is true but the law can also be wrong
Mom's and Dad's are thrown into hardship
Aunt's and Uncle's are stripped of their family
Cousin's cry for the rights their families have been denied wronged
Blame and fingers are pointing but it doesn't help the kids
Some kids don't see their parents ever again
Some never get an education they were rightfully born with
Some don't have a chance
Some end up hateful and cruel
Some end up fine and okay with scars
Some end up crying at night
Some end up with it all
Some just don't survive
I asked once and never again where my parents were
I cried
I never got to look at my countries the same
My friends couldn't understand
My family was thrown into the=is ever lasting sorrow
I know I am not the only one but it hurts all the same and
The mark is still there and
I bear the make of an Immigrants Daughter

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