Undecided Blue

February 13, 2011
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.My eyes are undecided blue,

'Cause I'm obsessing over you.

And all your precious little bribes,

The water drowns the color of my eyes.

I'm breathing in the ocean's waves,

Can't climb back or be saved.

I'm stuck between your world and mine,

My skin is cold and I am blind.

I'm searchin' solo in the dark,

My ears can only hear the lark.

My hands are tied behind my back,

So I can't reach into the black.

I'd love to love a love so deep,

Cherish the moments instead of weep.

Dry my tears and walk on proud,

But tomorrow screams too loud.

Bury me in your books,

Your stubborn glare and troubled looks.

Just bore me with those old school lessons,

And wake me up when tomorrow ends.

I'll sleep until the morning moon,

Howl at the door until it moves.

Won't move my feet unless I'm told,

Act like a child until I'm old.

Just greet the day with sour faces,

Book me up with previous places.

Tell my calendar to fill itself,

Put those kids books back on the shelf.

Dust me off till I look stellar,

Then stuff me in a box in the cellar.

I'm just a doll that sings and dances,

Don't throw me away 'cause now I'm out of chances.

Tug me out when you need me,

Don't break my arms 'cause I'm just that greedy.

'Cause they pull me hard in two directions,

Wish that I could just not pay attention.

Say goodbye as we drive away,

Hope that I won't see another day.

Wish that I could just drive on for years,

But destination Now is here.

Now my eyes are undecided grey,

'Cause the colors wasted away.

My pupils are getting even smaller,

Won't let the light in any more.

Now they are much decided black,

Wish I were sitting in her lap,

Listening to Jack and Jill,

And I still wonder how steep was the hill.

I'll loose my mind and run to pieces,

My clock will add more hours and my face more creases.

Time will have no measure,

Undecided blue to pleasure.

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Micheala said...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 9:03 pm
Great job miss!
sadieebs replied...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 9:04 pm
thanks.  took a lot of work i guess.
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