Your Night Demon

February 13, 2011
By RobbieTheGirl BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
RobbieTheGirl BRONZE, Indianola, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"And no one get's eaten by a yetti." Josh Gates
"Is he stalking her?" Peter Burke
"I'd have to look up the legal definition," Neil Caffery
"I never forget! Remember! I never forget!" Billy the Kid

I look up into the rain
I scream out in pain
I arch my back against the wind
I tense my muscles
I wait for the blows
I numbs my feelings
I wait for them to shatter
I set my mouth in a snarl
I drive you away
I laugh out loud
I laugh with cruelty
I am deemed a psychopath
I let my hair go wild
I am a horrible animal
I shriek in the night
I scare little children
I curl my fingers
I have long sharp nails
I have claws
I crouch low
I wait to pounce
I wait to attack
I brush my teeth
I look at my yellow snags
I look into the mirror
I see those yellow eyes
I see those black pupils
I see the skin
I see the palest skin
I see the thin lips
I dawn my cape
I wrap it around me tight
I use it as a shield
I leap from my roof
I shriek at the moon
I tare trees apart
I hunt for you
I will find you
I will tower over you
I will see you
I will watch you cower
I feel evil
I feel demonic
I feel lonely
I need you to save me

The author's comments:
I hope people will understand that what people look like or even what kind of music they listen to matters. Everybody is lonely and needs someone else to save them. Inspired? Yeah, my favorite verse "Make a joke and I will sigh. You will laugh and I will cry. Happiness I can not feel. I'd love to meet it, so unreal." I like the whole song, but this would have to be my favorite part.

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