In the Absence of

February 13, 2011
The pain of a Friday night
Spent in the company of
Cool ranch Doritos and law and order reruns
Doesn’t compare to the sorrow
In knowing that if something were to happen
The only ones who would care
Are those who are genetically inclined

There is no worthy comparison
To spending Valentines Day alone
But I’d be correct in assuming
That there are those who could relate

Even as I write this
I’m sitting at the kitchen table
Expecting no calls and receiving no calls
Of coarse I’m thirteen years old
Who am I and who are you
To feel lonely on this day of lovers

I may only be thirteen but um tired of waiting
Tired of having no one to talk to
Tired of being lonely
Tired of being alone on Valentines Day

But I suppose i'm not alone
I may not have a girlfriend
But I have friends and family
And I have hope

Or at least
I had hope

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lucybugg101 said...
Apr. 6, 2011 at 3:36 pm
I like this (: And I can totally relate...
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