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February 13, 2011

Tell me all your thoughts
whisper all your wishes
I'll protect your secrets
defend you from all bitches

Even when you're far away
know that you are near
running through my mind
wishing you were here

I know your favorite songs
I love it when you sing
I know you love Mulan
I know all kinds of things

Like if you were a wolf
you'd choose the wild not the zoo
guess we're meant to be
cause I'd want the wild too

If you had to pick
your favorite candy's dots
along with country fried steak
you'd choose french fries over tots

If asked what you collect
you'd surely answer golf balls
spectacular at artwork
from boats to waterfalls

I know that you're a tomboy
you don't really like to dance
If you ever had a choice
ditch the skirt, you're wearin pants

You're not a fan of spice
especially with noodles
you're not picky with dessert
ice cream cookies probably strudels

I know that you like orchids
you want a bonsai tree
you really like pink flowers
which really does surprise me

You're not a fan of milk
you used to love rocket power
without any makeup
you look beautiful right out the shower

You're addicted to your ipod
i know they think it's lame
angry birds and scrabble
and that awesome little town game

I guess you like the car wash
and the strolls in the park
you prefer the moon
watching stars in the dark

I know you want a husky
without a dog you're at a loss
you used to love rugrats
amazing wedding cakes and cake boss

You are obsessed with motorcycles
you dream big not small
your favorite colors blue
your favorite seasons fall

In knowing all the things you love
I hope you've come to see
in a list of people who love YOU
at the top you would find me

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