endless endings

February 13, 2011
By izzy.piland BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
izzy.piland BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
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those with passion are never without purpose. speak with pride when defending what you believe, listen and learn from every debate presented. smile and the good, laugh at the bad and learn to find adventure in nothing. live fearlessly and die hard.

You used to be my world and they shot you right out of the sky
Tonight, i’ll let go of your ashes
Floating through an endless sea of rock and fire
I’ll find my own path
I’ll take my own time
I’ll hold my own scars
And gravity will either bring us back, or not
Either way, i’ll learn to float on
Breaking apart the senses of where your breath once gathered
A funeral march rings through the black sky, searching for wherever you’ve gone
My tin can takes me away from the dust of where we once stood
A thousand million lights flashing through my window and i think it would be nice if one was you
“There is a tide in the affairs of men”
I take the tide and you take the pull
Tonight, i let go of the gold dust in my pocket
And i flew away from the mess to lose myself in wherever i found
Not all who wander are lost
Not all who wonder are blind

The author's comments:
everything comes and goes.

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