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February 13, 2011
By YoungAndWriting BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
YoungAndWriting BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
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lets run away
away from this world
away from these people who just talk words
i wanna get out
out of this reality
meet people who are about
not looks but personality
be peter pan and fly to neverland
where all you gotta do, is dream and believe
i wanna take you with but you’re just like all the others
baby are you with me or staying with some others
who will take a rocket
and ride up to the moon
if you don’t like rockets we can just take a balloon
slowly float up, and take a look around
you see your life crashing but you’re so high off the ground
the moral of this story well I’m sorry there ain’t one
there’s not two, not three, there’s none
I’m telling you right now, here straight and simple
i wanna run away and leave this all behind me
because really in the end the past will always find me

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