Deep Sleep

February 13, 2011
By Christina.Marie BRONZE, Riverview, Florida
Christina.Marie BRONZE, Riverview, Florida
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Quietly sitting here,
Waiting for the sun to rise.
The black sky slowly fades to pale blue.
The bright stars burn out, one by one.
I lie on the ground,
Thinking only of you.
Hearing the world around me.
I feel the cold wind bite at my skin,
And the dew on the grass seep through my clothes.
Yet, I cannot feel the wind spin out of control.
I do not think of it.
I'm crying now.
I see darkness.
I feel the warmth of you're embrace.
I feel the sweat dripping down my face.
I hear you whisper into my ear that everything is okay,
as I drift into the enclosed spaces of my mind.
Just a dream yo say.
So I close my eye,
And I am gone again.

The author's comments:
i had just woken from a dream and was longing for the presence of my boyfriend.

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