January 27, 2011
By nina27 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
nina27 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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life isnt about finding yourself its about creating yourself

In a world where everyone judges, sees, lives, dies... My world: hate, love, grudge, sadness...
I'm a child curled in a tiny ball in the middle of a desolate town all dark and cold. My tears painting long narrow rivers down my worn face.
My eyes engulfed with pain and fear, but deep of all, loneliness. Does anyone care or no? Or even bother?
No. I'm just a figure to them. A girl who does all the wrong things and brings disappointment. To others I'm just an item, but to all I'm just another piece in the game of life.
Out of nowhere I see a figure, approaching me with a warm smile and twinkling crystal eyes that show me all the care in the world.
Eyes that aren't ashamed at looking at my ragged face.
He takes my hand, his gentle laugh smoothes over the wrinkles in his roster, assuring me.. I feel whole.
He's the most clean, beautiful being I've ever seen. He is GOD.
I'm no longer empty, for I am saved.

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