February 20, 2011
You’re so perfect…
Too perfect almost
Your winning white grin
Flashes at her down the hall
Your glittering green eyes
Twinkle like stars at her
Your chestnut cut
Whips its way towards me
I cannot help but smile
Suddenly feel small
Compared to you
Your laidback stance against the lockers
Causes me to straighten abruptly
Your woodsy, arousing scent
Causes me to awkwardly smell myself
Do you realize what you do to me?
To every other insecure girl?
You make us feel like rotten apples
And you are the Red Delicious
We are the busy working bees
And you are the Queen
What is life like for you, I wonder?
Do you ever feel bad for yourself?
That is a silly question, I know
But once in a while, the leader gets tired
Gets to feeling down and mean
After all, who’s a leader without his followers?
What if
Everyone started to leave your side
And looked down upon you
In realization of who you truly are
On the outside, you are perfect
Or you may seem
Yet on the inside
You are cruel
A wicked tyrant
Making us think
We actually have a chance with you
But then you crush us
Our hopes
Like a Timberland upon an innocent ant
Dead and gone
I slam my locker hastily
Giving you a
Fake as can be
But you can’t see past it
You are too caught up in yourself
Dense as can be
I turn and see you move
Onto another peasant
I cringe, thinking just how hard you’ll hit this one
You evil emperor
Feels good, doesn’t it?
Not for long
Someday you will see
What it’s like to live
Among people who despise you
What you do
Who you are
So enjoy it while it lasts
But perfect will become the past

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