February 15, 2011
Shining, such a handsome glow. Almost attractive, like it used to be.
You were before, but not as you are now, not to me.
A dark green, deep and thick. The mineral, rock, stone of powerful weakness.
An imaginary High that I always used to miss.
Such power, strength, overwhelmed as I had been. Down on my knees, loss of breath.
Remembering the Pulling down of my heart, my body falls down also, unless. . .
I wish it would not come. I cannot move once it is in my sight.
I am FROZEN in hyperventilation.
You have no knowledge of what you do to me. Sometimes I wonder how much you know.
It seems as if you try to turn my sun into snow.
You can pull me down on the best of my days. The fall is always from a substantial height.
I as superman, cringe at the thought of you.
When did you become my KRYPTONITE?

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