“Redline: And the Attack of Zombie Koalas”

February 7, 2011
By connor flynn BRONZE, Medford, North Dakota
connor flynn BRONZE, Medford, North Dakota
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Along side me were my men in combat
I had Hailstorm, Stone, and our fearless leader Redline.
We had been fighting off everything for the past several years.
At first kid zombies, then mutant stuffed animals, and now this.

“Where are they!?” I asked my team
“I don’t know!!!” screamed Hailstorm
We were back to back waiting and waiting for something to happen.
BOOM!!!! Zombie kids came flying through the wall.
We fought them off with all our might.
Then the news came.
Redline proudly said “Men that was the last of the zombie kids!!!!.”
We all celebrated our ability to kill them all
And our ability, to all still be alive and fine.

After several years of traveling the world killing mutant stuffed animals.
We were tired, hungry and brutally beaten.
However, we knew we couldn’t stop.

We were 10 thousand feet above the Earth now on our way to Australia.
We had received knowledge that there was some type of zombies there.
We knew we were the only hope of saving them.

Upon our arrival we sent out a search team to search the land
For any zombie markings.
The team was Stone and I.
“What are we going up against?” asked Stone.
“I have no clue, but all I know is they won’t be easy to kill.” I replied.

After a few hours of searching we heard and saw nothing.
Until that one moment that keeps on going through my mind,
Out of no where multiple teams of these small furry creatures came out of the grass and attacked.
Stone and I were fighting for our lives.
We were out numbered and low on ammo.

I ran out of all ammunition and those creatures all attacked me.
Stone tried to fight them off but he was too low on ammo.
This was a window for Stone to safely make it back to base.
But he didn’t.

He did what no other man would do.
He ran at the creatures and started hitting them with the butt of his gun.
Realizing he was in trouble he started to make his way back to base.

On his way back to camp
Hailstorm and Redline emerged from the dust with rifles.
They quickly came to my help.
They managed to kill most of them and some managed to escape.

I was badly injured and barely conscious.
“What took you so long to get here?” I yelled.
“We took the long way,” Redline said.

After I healed I asked what those things were.
I was told they were zombie Koalas.
Apparently, the disease travelled to Australia and infected all the animals.

A few days passed and we not once heard or seen any zombies.
It was quite maybe too quite.

After a few more days suspicion began to arise.
Every night around 9 I noticed Hailstorm left his sleeping quarters.
At first I thought maybe he is just going to the bathroom.
But after a few times I started to notice him, he started to stare at me funny.

One night I stayed awake all night waiting for him to leave.
When he arose and left, I slowly followed behind him.
He walked deep into the woods.

Then I was struck down by one of the zombie Koalas.
When I awoke several hours later I couldn’t believe my eyes.
I saw Hailstorm sitting up on top of a throne being served by the zombies.

Early the next day I broke out of the Koala kingdom and ran back to base.
I informed Redline and Storm what I saw.
They too agreed on how suspicious Hailstorm had been acting.
We grabbed our gear and made our way to the Kingdom.

Hailstorm was waiting with his army.
“Why Hailstorm, why!?!?” Redline yelled.
Hailstorm told us how he had been infected by the disease all along.

By that time Redline, Stone, and I were furious.
We began our assault on the Koalas.
They fought back hard.
Our fighting lasted over 5 days.
On that fifth day we had become victorious.
Hailstorm tried to run and hide but it was to no use.

We fought Hailstorm for a few hours.
On the last gunshot it was a hit.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good sign for us.

Hailstorm had shot Redline in the chest.
Redline yelled in his last breathe, “ITS UP TO YOU NOW STONE.”
Stone charged Hailstorm with all of his might and successfully ended the reign of the zombie king.

The team started off as a family of four
And eventually it was broken down to a family of two.
Stone and I were the last of our kind.
That we know of.

On that day Stone vowed to find a cure to reverse the disease.
Till this day Stone is researching and I continue to stand by his side to
Protect him.

The author's comments:
story telling conetest for my english class. Posted this for extra credit

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