This Fenced In Yard

February 7, 2011
Sitting in the soft green grass
Below a small maple tree
The sun peeking out from behind a cloud
Golden rays glistening through the leaves
The buzz of bees and chirping of birds
Orchestrating a sweet melody too great for words

The whistles as it whirls around
Adding to the musical symphony
In this fenced in yard so safe and sound
All the laughter and dear memories shared here
This place is so special and filled with life
Never seeing the tears of sadness or overwhelming strife

Splashing and laughing in water so clean
Running in circles around and around
Laughing and playing with nothing to fear
In this fenced in yard so safe and sound
Touching the sky, the clouds so white
Swinging and sliding well into the night

The chilly air clings to me so fierce and coldly
The sun is gone, and warmth is no longer found
But the fire chases the darkness and cold away so boldly
In this fenced in yard so safe and sound
The crickets chirp as the day finally closes to an end
The stars twinkle and smile as they say “goodnight my friend”

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