Sissy's Poem

February 7, 2011
By Anonymous

My dear sweet little sister
Oh, how I wish that you could see
The pleasant dawn of day
Or the sunset behind the trees
I know that if you were here
You'd always be by my side
Supportive, loving, caring
Never one to deny
Who I really am, because you know who
Each day I pass along
Uncharted roads
Forever going up
While sometimes falling down
This life is just a roller coaster
Yeah, its just a ride
But you are one it should be shared with
Guess you just got off before me
I think of you a lot
I hope that you don't mind
I stare into the heavens
And I feel your eyes and face
Tell me that you'll be there
Forever waiting in Grace
Until it's time to meet
with you again and forever
It will never end
Wishing for you here
When I lit that cigarette
You know I was thinking of you
I have no one to model for
Ever since you left
I never knew you were there
Before mom told me
Should I still be a model
Even though your gone?
Please don't think poorly of me
No little sister should
Yeah I make mistakes
Trust me you would've too
I would've been there for you
When a guy broke your heart
Be the big sister
To the one whose torn apart
Listen little sis
I know that I have failed
But when I think of you
I don't really seem to care
You still waiting, and so am I
But until then, I love you
Peace, and Love, and good bye

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